A backup tool simplifying storing backups securely on (cheap) hard disk drives.

You may use XelfBackup if you are looking for an easy, very flexible, secure but cheap PC-based backup system.

I used flexbackup for more than one year to store my backups on a very simple PII 200MHz on a IDE drive. As time went by I created a set of shell scripts to manage the created flexbackup files (tar.gz) in a way that my system stored every daily backup set in different files, beiing automatically removed if older than two weeks (daily incremental backups) and one month (weekly full backups).

I thought my scripts could be useful for other people, so I redesigned it and made it available to public (under GPL license).

Download current version:

xelfbackup download page

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flexbackup: This program requires an installed and configured flexbackup installation.

buffer: Flexbackup can use the "buffer" utility to speed up network I/O (see flexbackups homepage for details).

My special thanks should go to Edwin Huffstutler, John Reynolds and Paul Holcomb (the developers of flexbackup).

Thanx Johann Horvat

look at xelfbackup-help forum